General Builders

Experienced, knowledgable and reliable general builders

TOPMARKS are good, old-fashioned General Builders.   That means we can re-model or make changes in your home.  So if you want to knock down supporting walls, make an extension or fit a new wooden floor, then we are ideal for you.  As experienced general builders, we can make new oak or softwood staircases, renew old or damaged ceilings or totally redecorate your home.  We also make cupboards and other furniture for bedrooms and reception rooms.  Plus from us you get all electrical and lighting work, heating, gas boilers and central heating.

As general builders we also re-tile roofs and carry out a full range of structural repairs for you including the use of helibars.  And if you know what they are, it probably means you need them and require our services!

It is because we are so well-rounded in our knowledge and experience that we excel at bathrooms.  Good bathrooms are generally the most difficult and demanding of all jobs. As a consequence of us being such experienced general builders, clients get real expertise in the design and construction of bathrooms.


The secret key to success for general builders

It is not possible for a single worker to make a good bathroom because no one person has all the skills necessary.  But together, our team does have all the skills, so we can make your ideal bathroom.  That is why TOPMARKS is so successful in both bathrooms and general building. It is because we have all the skills to get the perfect finish.

A bathroom needs a wide range of building skills. It needs carpentry, plumbing, plastering, tiling and decorating as a minimum.  Sometimes structural work, sometimes electrical and for some clients, new windows, doors and ceilings.  Most of all, a bathroom needs a high level of supervision and oversight.  This is exactly why the team at TOPMARKS is so successful.  We have a wide range of skills on our team.  And we also have the supervision to ensure that every job is a good job. As a result, you get a great new bathroom, extension or refurbishment.  Plus the reassurance that it is fully guaranteed.

Most of our team members have worked together for over 16 years and all are pleasant and polite.  It means our crew is popular with clients and their families. We fully understand the impact that construction work can have on the home and family life. So we all do our best to help clients and accommodate their wishes.

TOPMARKS can be your builders

New clients welcome

If you want to discuss an alteration, home improvement 0r other refurbishment proposal, come into the showroom and have a chat with one of our expert staff. We do a lot of repeat work for clients but also take on new clients who come to us via word of mouth and recommendations.

We have many clients who come back to us every few years for new jobs, resulting in new kitchens, new bathrooms, garden landscaping, decorating, built in furniture etc.  We get these repeat clients because we do good jobs and are reliable.  Many clients like our high standard of finish so want to use our crew again and again.

We give free quotes with no obligation. So contact us and arrange a meeting and quote for your new job.